Conflict Resolution (Essex Minor Hockey)

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Conflict Resolution Procedure

The EMHA Association has adopted the following program for dealing with grievances from within the Association:

1. In any civilized society, most problems are best solved through discussion. This grievance procedure begins with a discussion between the parties involved. The Coaching staff is to choose a neutral time and place; not during a game or team practice, or within earshot of the players.  Coaching Staff is to contact the 2nd. Vice to advise him of the meeting.

2. If the two parties are unable to reach a resolution, the Complainant must submit a written complaint stating the time, place and as many specifics as possible regarding the incident, to the Director of Risk and Discipline Management (DRDM). If this Director is the subject of the grievance, the written complaint shall be submitted directly to the President of the Association.

3. As soon as possible, the DRDM will inform the President that a complaint has been received. The DRDM will talk with the involved parties, and conduct and investigation as necessary. If the DRDM is unable to resolve the complaint within 72 hours, he must inform both parties (verbally, within 24 hours; and in writing within 5 days) that the complaint has been referred to the President. (The President, at his or her discretion, may bypass this step and directly take charge of the complaint and investigation.)

4. The President may attempt a resolution through discussion with the involved parties. If the complaint is not resolved within 72 hours, the President will verbally notify both parties and the Policy and Discipline Committee of the need for a meeting. (See Procedures for Meeting to Resolve Conflict)  The Policy and Discipline Committee will strive to meet at a mutually convenient time and place for both parties within 10 days. But, if this is not possible, the Chairman will set the time and locations.

5. The Policy and Discipline Committee may invite  two members at large, whom are not directly involved in the complaints as Coach, Administrator, or parent member of the team(s) involved. The two at large members will be chosen by the Policy and Discipline Committee Chairperson. Any Committee Members that have a conflict in the issue will step aside.The Policy ans Discipline Committee will discuss and decide the issue after the parties involved have been dismissed from the meeting.  The President will notify both parties of the Committee’s decision verbally, within 24 hours, and by letter within 5 days. Copies of the letter also will be sent to all members of the Grievance Committee and to the DRDM

Note:  If either party retains legal representation during this process the player/s involved will be suspended until the issue is resolved.