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Oct 14, 2021 | Jodie Campeau | 1626 views
Local League Ice Time – Oct 16-17
Local league skates for the weekend of Oct 16-17, 2021 are listed below.

If your division shows two time slots for the same day, a coach will be in touch with you to inform you which session you are supposed to attend.

Please continue to check the website for regular updates.  If there are any questions please contact [email protected]

Beginner Group

U5 (2017)

U6 (2016)

U7 (2015)

U8/U9    (2013/2014)

U9 Select (2013)

U10/U11 (2011/2012)

Oct 16

9-10 am

Oct 16 8-9 am

Oct 16
8-9 am

Oct 16 8-9 am

Oct 16

Group A: 10-11 am   Group B: 11 am-12 pm

Oct 16   9-10 am

Oct 16
12-1 pm


Oct 17

12-1 pm

Oct 17 12-1pm

Oct 17 1-2 pm

Oct 17

Group A:  7-8 am

Group B:  8-9 am


Oct 17
11am -12pm

U12/U13 (2009/2010)





U18 (2003/2004)

Oct 16

Team 7/8: 1-2 pm

Team 5/6: 2-3 pm

Oct 16
3-4 pm

Oct 16
4-5 pm

Oct 16
5-6 pm

Oct 16
5-6 pm

Oct 16
6-7 pm

Oct 17
Team 5/6: 9-10 am

Team 7/8:10-11 am

Oct 17
1:30-2:30 pm

Oct 17
2:30-3:30 pm

Oct 17
8:30-9:30 pm

Oct 17
8:30-9:30 pm

Oct 17
9:30-10:30 pm

U8/U9 Groupings for this weekend are as follows:

Please be sure to attend the hour that you are assigned to as we could overload the coaches if the schedule isn't followed.  We will do our best to rotate the groups as evenly as possible throughout the year.  
If your child has made the U9 Select team please attend that ice time only.  If your child's name does not appear on the list please contact Matt Miller (U8/U9 Division Director).

Group A

Group B


Trevor Lee

Joe Iatonna

Scott Tiessen

Mike Phillips

James Prieur

Sean Statham

Nick Fournier

Adam Maedel



Jay Root

Jeff Soulliere


Tyler Allsop

Oliver Kalapos

Grady Alexander

Nico Mitrovic

Keeton Campeau

Layla Kind

Brayden Bellaire

Jack O’Brien

Travis Colenutt

George Maedel

Tanner Chittle

Joshua Phillips

Kylie Fillion

Brayden Neal

Keiran Couvillion

Makayla Pope

Elizabeth Fryer

Hudson Pingle

Brantley Douglas

Emmett Quinlan

Heath Geelen

Blake Price

Logan Drozdz

Mateja Renaud

Paisley Grant

Emmett Santarossa

Delilah Fournier

Marco Rizza

Brander Hanson

Noah Spoors

Hugh Freeman

Cameron Root

Elyse Harnden

Reese Statham

Liam Haggith

Jocelyn Root

Presley Hellow

Bryce Vanmackelberg

Sean Hamel

Austen Tingen

Izzy Iatonna


Waylon Henricks

Jonathan Zuech


Dallas Bohdal

Broeden Park

Cruz Daniher

Madeline McLeod

Declan Bohdal

Ben Prieur

Sutton Goldhawk

Grant O’Brien

Jared Kalmar

Zakery Venables

Greyson Kiebert

Tessa Soulliere

Tyler Lee


Jace Leboeuf

Brianna Tiessen

U12/U13 Teams

Team 5 Orange – Gord Colenutt

Team 6 Green – Matt Miller

Matthew Bull

William Colenutt

Calvin Burling

Ethan Diewold

Carter Hall

Julia Deman

Julianna Miller

Owen Plante

Hunter Martin

Henry Weglarz

Colton Geelen

Logan Poisson-Rounding

Sophia Gosselin

Payton Steinberg

Austin McLeod

Toby Fader

Alex Gosselin

Gavin Mills

Keegan Barnett

Asher Jackson

Adrian Moore

Thomas Lamar

Rylan Furtado

Nathan Lozon

Mason Beaudoin


Logan Daymond


Team 7 Yellow – Mike Sales

Team 8 Blue – Mikayla Beaulieu

Alex Cleroux

Matthew Hanaka

Zachary Drummond

Ethan Hamel

Logan Cleroux

Logan Carswell

Connor Adams

Liam Loewen

Jacob Fitch

Simon Gignac

Devon Schaafsma

Ethan Jordan

Ben Rivest

Ryan Guttridge

Brody Labelle

Bradley Gemus

Kurt Merklinger

Blain Dutot

Kyle Savard

Blake Gemus

Lucas Kruis

Cohen Couvillon

Tanner Mayor

Kadan Dufour

William Chisholm


Lucah Martin


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